Meet the Makers

While we wish we were checking out all of their products in person, there's still a way to support local artists and small businesses — by shopping online! Here's a list of some of our past vendors and other favorite local paper businesses for you to check out and support.


Aishchrome is an aspiring illustrator from the Philippines. Her illustrations are highly inspired by women and the universe. Popping colors are featured in her artworks. 


Alyanna Nebreja is a pattern designer and illustrator who is fond of drawing flora. She takes inspiration from nature and fuses it together with her love for surface art.

Amateur Creatives

Amateur Creatives is a one-woman creative shop focused on art and paper products that help creative hobbyists like you develop an intentional memory-keeping habit.

Arlene Sy

Arlene Sy is a Manila-based visual artist, illustrator, and art director. Of the things she's worked on in her ten-year creative practice, producing paper goods and stationery has been one of the most fulfilling.

Your one stop washi store for all your stationery needs.


Boxx is a queer-owned, pop-culture & socio-politically oriented art shop that is based on the idea of 3 LGBTQIA+ folks. Boxx highlights in expressing art to help others to build a community of the same interest, endeavors, passion, and the same fight.


Cadmium Core

Chesca Dimalanta is an illustrator and designer with a knack for the dark and surreal. When she's not designing, she uses her spare time to experiment with her art to better her skills as an artist. Her array of merchandise, from stickers to tote bags, features her illustrations that include flora, marine life, and anything that she fancies.

Crafts Delight

Crafts Delight creates pre-cut stickers which you can use mainly for your planners & journals. Offering a wide variety designs, whether you're a minimalist or a stylish creator, they've got your style covered. They wish to share delight by letting crafters enjoy and at the same time experience the beauty of creative planning and journaling simply through their stickers.


Creativly Studio

Creativly Studio is the first physical shop front of Rachelle Arts & Print Co. Their shop has evolved as a creative business offering different products and services from design, printing, branding, photography, stationery and corporate giveaways.


Cynthia Arre

Cynthia Bauzon-Arre creates stationery and other daily-use items that advocate the importance of Philippine native flora and fauna in forest conservation and heritage preservation. These include notebooks, postcard sets, tote bags, and stickers. Profits earned from their sales will be used to make more products that can help raise awareness for the advocacy.



Daymaker is a paper goods shop in the pursuit of making the every day bright and colorful. What was meant to be a one-time project by a type-obsessed designer in 2017, they've made many appearances in cons and popups ever since. All products are designed and produced in sunny Quezon City.


DecoArt PH

Deco Art creates and curates quality craft supplies for your planner, journal and scrapbook needs. Their product catalogue includes a variety of stickers, washi tapes, stamps, sticky notes, sketchbooks, dotted notebooks, handmade items, you name it, all for the love of creative planning and memory keeping.


Eden Street

Eden Street is a joyful collection of stationery products that intentionally inspire, uplift, and heal. Fans of the brand will be familiar not only with the colorful gradients, but also the encouraging words that promote self-love and mental wellness. 


Eleven-fingered Crafter

Eleven-fingered Crafter offers different products and services to cater to your paper craft, lettering and design needs. Some of their best sellers are handmade journals and customized cake toppers.


Everyday Explorers Co.

Everyday Explorers Co. is a line of stamps, journals and other paper goods that encourage and inspire you to document your life in creative and meaningful ways.


Hey Mady

Mady Marcelino is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Manila whose works focus mainly on illustrations inspired by her love for Japanese architecture. Illustrated in black and white and combined with her intricacy and utmost attention to details, her work is cascaded into different merchandise such as shirts, totes, stickers, and art prints.



Inky Livie is Asa Montenejo, architect/graphic designer/illustrator. Since 2007, she has been designing and making stationery for paper goodie freaks drawn to the not-so-conventional. She's been told her stuff is funny. She has found great joy in watching people pick up one of her products and start giggling.


Kara Leonardia

Kara is a watercolorist with a love of paper goods. Drawing inspiration from nature, everyday life, and design — she hopes continue developing products that make drawing or journaling an exciting yet practical part of one’s day.


Kitty Jardenil

Kitty Jardenil is an artist and designer with a focus on illustration and letterforms. Aside from working with various brands, she also finds time to work on personal projects that aim to make people (and herself) happy.


Marz Today

Marz Today is a stamp brand inspired by people and pop culture. I create novelty stamps for brands and paper lovers. They specialize in custom handmade stamps.


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Murmur PH

Random thoughts, ideas, experience, beliefs, aspirations and anything that murmurs inside your head and your heart are the inspiration behind murmur framed collages. Murmur PH tries to capture these through poetry and interpret them visually with digital collages.


OA Cards

Since 2016, OA Cards has been producing personalized watercolor prints for their family and an ever-growing network of friends.


Paperworks Stationery

Shop cute and functional stationery at Paperworks Stationery. Find an assortment of notepads, stamps, and Japanese tools at their webshop.


Paola Koala

Paola_Koala is a maker of all things quirky and colorful--from calligraphy to kawaii and colorful illustrations. Her quiant paper shop has all you need for a dose of creativity for your journals or whatnots--stickers, pins and postcards, name it!


PeachSalmon PH

Peachsalmon PH is a small online store aiming to connect and to interact with fellow artists and crafters. They sell handcrafted stickers, stationary and some other art materials. 


Pinspired by Caus Planet

Pinspired (derived from "Pinoy-inspired") collaborates with local artists to feature well known symbols of the country in a fun, colourful and creative way through postcards and other merchandise.


Pixel Hero PH

Pixel Hero is a brand that crafts items that helps and inspires you to be your own Hero. They have amazing stickers, pins, tees from original works to fan-favorite fandoms inspired in PIXELS.


Practical Magic

Practical Magic makes the woo wonder of tarot, oracle, and astrology accessible to everyone. Through fresh and modern tarot and oracle decks, easy to digest books, and fun paper goods, PM helps people realize that magic is within everyone’s reach.


Rainbowholic Shop

Get monthly stationery care packages from Japan by joining #rainbowholicpatreon. Patrons can also enjoy other rewards such as cute digital printables, premium videos, and exclusive stationery store access.


Shop Abbey Sy

Shop Abbey Sy is a homegrown brand dedicated to inspire artists and makers to Always Be Creating through books, stationery items, and goodie bags.


The 3 Little Prints

Celebrate your stellar self with The Three Little Prints's Astro Cards! Astro Cards cover everything from your planetary placements to your signature traits, who you’re compatible with to ways in which you can embark on your very own wellness journey. 


The Offbeat Cat

The Offbeat Cat sells tickers, postcards, button pins, fabric brooches—perfect for journals, laptops, letters and anything you want to add a little cuteness to. As a commitment to helping community cats, a part of the proceeds from the sales fund feeding and projects such as fostering and TNR (trap neuter return). 


Washi Samples PH

WashiSamplesPH offers a wide selection of stationery goods thoughtfully curated for all sorts of journal, diary and planner themes. Write down your memories and preserve your moments with WashiSamplesPH.



From Ghibli classics to latest hallyu groups and stationaries for your journalling needs, Xinn's got you covered. Drawn out of love for the subject matter itself, you can assure each and every one of the merch is lovingly handmade.